Motivation, Depression, Success, Inspirational

Lately, on my days off, when I have time in the morning to sit on my computer a bit and get some work done, I’ve been letting Instagram Stories, FB Stories, and Snapchat Stories play on my phone, more like background noise, while I work.  And often something will catch my attention.  Like today, I’m sitting here finally, really, looking over our travel plans for my upcoming Disney race (January 2018).  I’ve been training, but it hasn’t gone well, it’s been inconsistent.  Our flight is booked, our hotel is booked.  There are a couple friends that I’ll get a chance to see while at the race, so I’d like to schedule some time to meet up with them for lunch/dinner and/or drinks.  So I’m trying to plan out the day of our arrival and making sure we get to the hotel so we can drop our bags and then catch a shuttle to packet pick up before the expo closes. (I’m freaking out a bit about this particular day, I’m starting to feel like it’s not going to go well.)

But anyhow, back to the various social media stories.  Like I mentioned earlier, my training hasn’t gone well.  This past weekend was supposed to be a mini simulation of the big event.  I’m doing the Dopey Challenge at Disney’s Marathon Weekend.  The Challenge consists of 4 races on 4 consecutive days.  On race weekend, Thursday is the 5k, Friday is the 10k, Saturday is the Half Marathon, Sunday is the Full Marathon.  That’s a total of 48.6 miles over 4 days.  This past weekend was supposed to be a mini simulation of that (Th – 2.5 miles, Fri – 5 miles, Sat – 10 miles, Sun – 20 miles).  My schedule didn’t allow for it, so I’m starting it today.  But I’m not feeling very motivated.  I think it’s because I’m dreading the 20 mile run which will fall on Wednesday.  Because my training has been so inconsistent up to this point, I don’t feel ready for it.  But once this mini simulation is done it will be taper time, so I’ll have that to look for.  But while I’m watching these various social media stories, since I follow a lot of runners and fitness professionals, I get to see everything they’ve shared about their workouts, their runs, and really it’s getting me more excited.  I feel like getting up right this minute and getting a little run in.  I feel motivated and inspired and not so dreadful about what’s coming up.  So I got to thinking if others felt the same way. 

Does watching others post their successes, and it doesn’t have to be fitness related, it can be financial, or just life in general; does it make you feel motivated to do better yourself?  Or does it bring you down and make you depressed because you’re life isn’t as great as theirs?