#marchfitstreak day 9, marathon training day 4 & stupid hormones

March Fitness Streak challenge day 9 is wrapped up.  Today was marathon training day 4.  I did 4 miles + strides.  The 4 miles I broke into .9 mile run at 5.5mph and .1 mile walk at 3.0mph.  My ankle didn’t bother me near as much as my feet and shins did.  My feet felt like cinder blocks were strapped on them.  They sounded like a herd of elephants running down a flight of stairs, as they slapped on the treadmill.  My shins burned.  I had a cramp in my lower left abdominal area, and I had a side stitch in my right side.  I’m blaming all of this on hormones.  This has happened a time or two before and it’s happened right around the same time of the month.

I pushed through the 4 miles.  The whole time i’m thinking “how in the world did I run 11 miles on Saturday!”  The strides were :20 fast (I only did 6mph), and then 2:00 slow for 5 times.  These felt pretty good.

Tomorrow is apparently a much needed marathon training rest day.  However, I’ll get in at least a 10 minute full body aerobic work out with the Daily Workout App.

Happy Running!