#marchfitstreak day 2

Yesterday was the first day of the week, and the first day of the month.  I ran a half marathon.  So I thought I could keep the momentum going and attempt a streak for the month of March.  However, knowing how sore I would be today, I didn’t think it wise to do a running streak, and given the issues I’ve had with the tendon in my ankle, I thought I really need some time cross training.  So I figured I’d just do a fitness streak.  At least 20 minutes of activity every day for the month of March.  Today was day 2.  I walked on the treadmill at an extremely easy pace of 1.5 mph for 42 minutes.  I walked just over a mile and got some work done at the same time.  Do you have any challenges for the month of March you are working on?  Feel free to share them with me.  #marchfitstreak