#marchfitstreak day 15 & diet changes

March Fitness Streak Challenge day 15 is done.  This weekend wore me out.  After the club run yesterday morning followed by the 9.2 mile run (for a total of 12 miles yesterday), then church this morning.  I was pooped! I woke up this morning starving.  I think I was so concerned about over eating after my long run yesterday that maybe I didn’t eat enough.

After church and lunch I took a nice long nap, only to wake up just in time to take the kids to evening church service.  Once we got home from that, I still needed to get to the grocery store.  I picked up what I needed to, came home made our lunches for work, did some laundry and did the 10 minute arm only workout using the Daily Workout App.  Now my arms are shakey and I’m hungry again.

I’m trying to cut back on some of the calories in our lunch.  I normally take a can of pre-cooked chicken breast (60 calories), mix it with a couple tablespoons of generic Miracle Whip (20 calories), then divide it in fourths for me, Jon and two of the kids. Tonight I decided to try a substitute for the Miracle Whip.  I’m giving the non-fat greek yogurt (5 calories) a try.  I just mixed in a couple tablespoons in the chicken instead of the Miracle Whip and I added some paprika.  That gets put on a honey wheat sandwich slimmer roll (90 calories) with a slice of colby jack cheese (80 calories).  I know I could just ditch the cheese and that would save me quite a few calories, but I really like cheese.  I also switched from the regular cinnamon applesauce (80 calories) to the No Added Sugar Natural Applesauce (50 calories).  I’ve thrown in some carrot sticks with a tablespoon of ranch dressing (60 calories), a 100% fruit rope (60 calories), 3 mini sweet bell peppers (40 calories), red seedless grapes (120 calories), and a piece of string cheese (80 calories).  For a total of 645 calories for lunch.   Looks like I could cut out one of the cheeses and maybe reduce my grapes.  But I hate to cut out any of the fruits or veggies.  Sometimes, even though they have calorie content, I think they should be “freebies” and shouldn’t be counted.

It was also recommended to substitute almond milk in my coffee instead of the flavored creamer I normally use.  I want to give that a shot as well.  I switched the regular sugar in my coffee to Stevia instead.  That saves me quite a few calories as well.  At some point I’ll be working most sugar out of my diet.  But it will have to be a long slow process.  It took me a year to cut soda out of my diet, and it wasn’t easy to begin with.  When you start looking at labels, you realize that you didn’t realize how much sugar was added to everything.  I’ll be looking into low calorie, low sugar alternatives.  If you have any suggestions, post them on my facebook page Left Foot, Right Foot, Run.

Happy Running!