#marchfitstreak day 14 & marathon training day 7

I March Fitness Streak Challenge day 14 is completed.  This one was rough.  My ankle was sore after yesterdays 4 miler.  I stayed up too late, which explains why I fell asleep in the middle of typing up my blog post last night…oh and look at the time now, it’s after 2:00am.  I’ve really got to start getting to bed sooner.  Anyhow, I got up and ran with the Two Rivers Running Club this morning.

Today was a prediction run.  We could choose between a 46.41, or in honor of Pi day, 31.41 prediction.  I opted for the 31.41.  I ran with one of the other girls in the club, hoping that she knew her pace better than I knew mine.  I knew that I could go around the park twice, and it would have been 3 miles.  And I knew that if my ankle wasn’t sore, I could have finished it in less than 31 minutes.  But with my bum ankle, I had no idea what my finishing time was going to be.  Because of the type of run it was, we weren’t allowed to use our watches.  Since I was running with one of the other girls, I didn’t take the route I was originally planning on taking, which worked out.  Otherwise I would have finished even later than I did.  I ran 2.8 miles and I think I ended up with a time of 32:25.  I was :44 away from the goal time.  I placed 7th and still ended up getting a pair of Two Rivers Running Club socks.

My marathon training plan called for a steady 12 miler today.  Since I ran the 2.8 with the club, I only wanted to run the balance of 9.2.  I continued my run at the same park.  The “roads” are blocked off this time of year, so they are great for walking and running and you don’t need to worry about any traffic.  Here’s a photo towards the beginning of my run.

Here are some photos of the park.  The roads were nice and clear and I pretty much had them to myself.  There were a couple of walkers, a dog walker, 3 other runners (2 of which were running on the trails), and some grandparents riding bikes with their grandkids.  It was a little chillier than I had hoped for, I kept my gloves on, but was able to shed my jacket.

My legs were pretty tired, and sore.  I maintained a 4 min run/1 minute walk technique throughout the entire 9.2 miles.  It was the only way to keep the ankle happy.  So glad tomorrow is a marathon training rest day.

Post run fueling.  A banana (it didn’t have a chance, that’s the peel on the floor board of my car, it’s already eaten), and some chocolate milk. mmmm.

After I got home, I napped for a couple hours, showered and then searched the kitchen for more food.  I realized today that this marathon training, if I’m not careful is going to cause me to gain weight.

Because…Happy Running!