#marchfitstreak day 12

March Fitness Streak challenge day 12 is completed.  12 days straight of some kind of physical activity.  Basically I’m following my Marathon training plan, and then on the days that I don’t run, I do a 10 minute full body workout using the Daily Workout App on my android device.  This is the first time, probably ever, I have worked out this consistently.  If it weren’t for this challenge, I put on myself, and if I hadn’t made it public by starting my blog, I would have never kept up with it.  This is a way of keeping myself accountable.  And so far it’s working.  There have been many nights where I thought I would just skip it.  And by now, I would normally be a day or two behind on my Marathon training plan.  I’d be trying to figure out how to catch up on, and how to work in the workouts I’ve missed, or skipped.  But so far, everything is right on schedule.  The 10 minute full body workouts are killing me though.  My legs are always sore from the squats and other leg exercise.  Perhaps I should split it up into different body parts rather than the full body.  I could do legs one day, arms another, and then abs.  I could skip the cardio portion since I get that on my running days.  That way some part of my body will get a rest day, of sorts.  Man, that sounds like a plan.  Why didn’t I think of that sooner?

Really looking forward to my next Half Marathon on the 22nd.  Partly because the weather is getting nicer and I don’t have to be so bundled up to run.  Partly because the kids and I will be staying at my parents house the night before, and then I’ll drive the hour and a half to the race that next morning, while my parents take the kids to church.  I almost have the remaining 10 half marathons lined up for the year.  I have another 8 picked out, I just need to start getting registered for them.

Happy Running!