#marchfitstreak day 11 & marathon training day 5

Day 11 of the March Fitness Streak challenge is completed.  I’m sore and I’m tired.  Today was marathon training. My workout called for 1 mile slow, 4 miles fast, 1 mile slow.  The 2 slow miles I ran at a 12:00/mi pace (5mph).  The 4 fast miles I ran at 10:00/mi pace (6mph).  For both the slow and the fast miles, I ran 4 min, then walked 1 min at 3.5mph.  My overall pace was 11:34 once you take everything into account.  I think this method is really starting to help me with my ankle.  I’m not back up to 100% just yet, but tonight was the best it’s felt since last December.l

Tomorrow is a marathon training rest day.  Will do another 10 minute full body work out with the Daily Workout App.  I thought I was ready to move up to 20 minutes.  But, since I was still sore on Tuesday from Sunday’s workout, and sore yet today…I think I’ll keep it at 10 minutes a little while lonnger.

I’m getting excited about my next race.  I have the 3rd race in the 3 part series coming up on the 22nd.  The first one, I walk/ran it, and it was cold.  The second one, they moved all the half marathoners down to the 10k due to the negative wind chill.  Us runners probably would have been fine, and there were a number of runners that ran the 10k, then went back out on the same route for another 10k, but the volunteers would have suffered the cold a lot more than those running.