#marchfitstreak day 10

March Fitness Streak challenge day 10 is completed.  I was tired.  I didn’t want to do it.  My chest and abs were still sore from the 10 minute workout on Sunday.  I had a Marching Band Booster meeting after work, so I picked up dinner to take home and feed the family.  After that I crawled in bed and dozed in and out while catching up on facebook.  At 10:00 I said, “I just need to get it done”.  Today was a marathon training rest day.  So I was just going to do a 10 minute workout with the Daily Workout App.  I got up, changed my clothes, groaned at my sore abs and just got it over with.  And now, I’m glad it did.  If I hadn’t, I would have felt regret, and been disappointed in myself.  I would have tried to justify not exercising today.  Wait, I want to reword that.  I WOULD have justified not exercising today.  I would have allowed myself to make excuses and then have made myself be ok with that.  I would have gone into work tomorrow and explained to my co-worker how my lack of motivation, or my failure in keeping up my end of the challenge, was ok, and that it was excusable.  When there was nothing preventing me from getting it done except my own lack of self-motivation.  Now, I don’t have to dwell on those thoughts, those justifications, those excuses…because I got it done!   Just keep moving!

Happy Running!