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My 3rd Marathon (a marathon is 26.2 miles!)

How I became a runner

I started running in December 2012. It wasn’t my intention to become a runner. I had been asking for a treadmill for years. I think my husband was afraid I didn’t really want it and it would be one of those purchases he would “pay for” for years to come. Kind of like when you buy your wife a new vacuum sweeper or a new ironing board as a gift, when she really wanted something not so domesticated and with a little bit more shine and glitter. When he realized I was serious he finally got me one for Christmas 2012. I really just wanted something that I could walk on, and get moving with, while watching TV.
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Why I became a Beachbody Coach

Because of my new found running passion, and the runner groups I was subscribed to, I was approached to become a Beachbody Coach back in April 2015.  I put off the opportunity until February 2016. I realized, when I first started running, that I could inspire others to be better versions of themselves.  People were coming to me asking for exercise advice and how they could get started…and all they really needed was just a little push, a little encouragement.