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I started running in December 2012. It wasn’t my intention to become a runner. I had been asking for a treadmill for years. I think my husband was afraid I didn’t really want it and it would be one of those purchases he would “pay for” for years to come. Kind of like when you buy your wife a new vacuum sweeper or a new ironing board as a gift, when she really wanted something not so domesticated and with a little bit more shine and glitter. When he realized I was serious he finally got me one for Christmas 2012. I really just wanted something that I could walk on, and get moving with, while watching TV.

A 5k is how far?

When one of my cousins found out I started walking, she challenged me to run a 5K with her in June 2013. At this point, I didn’t even know what a 5k was, let alone how many miles it is. I do my research, find an app that I can track my runs with, find a training program and get to work. As long as I’ve got someone that’s done this “5k thing” before and can show me the ropes on race day, I’m all in.

I ran my first 5k in 32:43. At this point I’m hooked and sign up for another race in August, and 2 more in September. Each 5k gets progressively better. The competitor in me is unleashed. And now my husband is really starting to “pay for it”. Not because the treadmill is sitting around doubling as a clothing rack, but because I’m definitely getting our money’s worth out of it and I spend most of my evenings and free time “training”, logging miles, or finding more ways to incorporate physical activities into our weekends.

And then what?

With this new adventure into fitness, along comes trying to eat better as well. I started becoming more conscious of my calorie burn vs intake as well as my sugar intake. As of December 2013 I slowly started giving up soda. I was drinking 32-64 ounces a day of Mountain Dew. I now drink nothing but water in one of my Nathan Little Shot bottles. And it goes everywhere with me. It’s so portable, I always have it.

I ran for a full year without losing (or gaining) any weight. But once I started to pay closer attention to my calories going in and out, I was able to lose about 12 lbs. I feel more fit, and more comfortable in my skin than I ever did in high school when I swam competitively and was training twice a day during the season, and once a day in the off season.

32-5k’s, 3 4-miler’s, 12-10k’s, 2-15k’s, 20-half marathons, 4-full marathons and 2-sprint triathlons later, I’m not ready to stop just yet.  I find as I get older, in order to stay competitive within my age group as well as stay injury free, I really need to focus on injury prevention.  Along with this I’ve switched my running training from a traditional mileage based training program to a heart rate based program.  I’m also incorporating more dynamic stretching before hand, static stretching afterwards and cross training to help keep my core strong.  And of course, better healthier nutrition choices!  So stay tuned to my blog posts for great advice in all these areas!

Happy Running!

Meet the Team

This is my sister-in-law, Sarah. I love being able to build this business with her as my Success Partner.

Runner, marathon, marathoner, beachbody, running

Sarah Heckaman

Beachbody Coach

Sarah’s Story: It was January of 2016. It had been 13 months since my mom passed away. I was struggling with depression and was at my heaviest weight ever. Going up the stairs winded me. I even got winded bending over to tie my shoes. One morning I woke up and said this is it, I’ve got to do something. If I don’t take control of my health, I’m going to end up like my mom with a myriad of health problems (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.).

I’ve struggled with my weight ever since I got married. I did the whole yo-yo diet where I would count and restrict my calories while working out every day. And it worked. I would lose my weight. But it was never sustainable. It was just a bandaid fix. I would stop counting my calories and wouldn’t exercise every day and the weight would slowly come back. And I hate counting calories. Every single ingredient that went into my mouth, I tracked. That is not a healthy lifestyle!

One night, while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw that my sister-in-law, Jenn, had posted a picture of her bag of Shakeology and PiYo program. I had heard about Shakeology before from other friends but had never tried it. This was my exact comment on her post: “How are you liking the shakeology? I feel like all the cool kids are drinking it but I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet ” That was just the beginning!

Shortly thereafter I ordered the 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack (I figured since I had been doing Jillian Michaels for 3 weeks, I could totally handle the extreme version!). Well it kicked my butt, but in a good way! I did several rounds of 21DFX, keeping as much to the meal plan as I could. I also drank my Shakeology daily (with a few exceptions). I had been drinking protein shakes before, but within 1 week of starting Shakeology, the IBS pains that I suffered with for over 10 years were gone! My gut has never felt healthier!

By the end of July, I had reached a milestone: 30 pounds and 20 inches lost! After that I have done PiYo, Focus T25, Country Heat and Core de Force. I still follow the portion fix meal plan with whatever workout I am doing.

20 inches & 30 lbs lost!

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